Lili Belmont is a professional fine artist, who works with watercolor, acrylic and oil paints. Raised in Germany, she received a bachelor degree in Fine Arts at Principia College, in Elsah, IL in 2002. Lili moved to the Roaring Fork Valley to marry Joel Belmont, a fine-art photographer, in 2004.

Lili Belmont worked for 2 years as an artist in Germany, doing solo and group exhibits and also ran her own gallery/studio shop.

In the last 4 years Lili has exhibited work in the valley at the Aspen Art Museum, Saxy’s, the Village Smithy, the Geo Store, the Artist’s Mercantile, the Glenwood US Bank, as well as at Gallery East in Loveland, CO. She also participated in the Roaring Fork Studio Tour 2007 and had an art booth at the Aspen Saturday Market with her husband Joel Belmont.

“I paint to uplift thought and inspire. There is a truth about reality that is higher than what meets the eye. I use visual symbols of thought and reinterpret what we seem to see, to hint at that truth.”

Solo Exhibits

Artist’s Mercantile Glenwood, CO, Oct
Saxy’s Basalt, CO, Sept-now
Aspen Saturday Market Aspen, CO, Jun-Sept

US Bank Glenwood, CO, Oct
Artist’s Mercantile Glenwood, CO, Sept
Volksbank Gross-Gerau, Germany, Sept

Artist’s Mercantile Glenwood, CO, Oct
Treppenhausgallerie Gernsheim, Germany, Apr-Jun

Gallery Guntershausen Stockstadt, Germany, Jun-Sept
Waiting Lounge BFA Mainz, Germany, Apr 04 – Apr 05

Galerie-Atelier Lili Weber Stockstadt, Germany, Nov- Dec
Mississippi Scenes Goddelau, Germany, Sept-Oct
Floral Shapes Ober-Ramstadt, Germany, Jun-Aug

Figure paintings Elsah, IL, Apr-Sept

Figure drawings Elsah, IL, Mar

Group Exhibits

Aspen Chapel Gallery, Aspen, CO, Feb-Mar 08
Village Smithy, Carbondale, CO, Jan 08

Aspen Chapel Gallery, Aspen, CO, Nov-Dec 07
Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, CO, Oct-Nov
Roaring Fork Studio Tour, Glenwood, CO, Oct
Village Smithy, Carbondale, CO, Aug
Geo Store, Carbondale, CO, Jan-Sept

CMC Gallery, Aspen, CO, June-Aug
Gallery East, Loveland, CO, Apr 06–Sept 07

Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, CO, Oct-Nov

Galerie Hofgut Guntershausen, Stockstadt, Germany, May

Holt Gallery, Elsah, IL 1999-2003
Maybeck Gallery, Elsah, IL, 1998-2001
Library Gallery, Elsah, IL, 1997-2001